Sena Unisex Snowtalk 2 – Bluetooth Headset for Snow Helmets

$ 88

Fabric TypePlastic
Connectivity TechnologyWireless
Model NameSnowtalk2-01

About Bluetooth Headset for Snow Helmets

  • Easily fits into the ear pad pockets of snow helmet
  • Included microphone can be connected for intercom communication
  • Up to four people can connect and communicate with one another via Bluetooth Intercom
  • Pair the headset to your smartphone to listen to music and take phone calls
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Sena Unisex-Adult Snowtalk 2-Universal Bluetooth Headset for Snow Helmets with Built-in Wireless Intercom (Black, One Size)

The Sena Snowtalk 2 Bluetooth headset makes it easy to keep in touch while on the mountain. Snowboarders and skiers can speak to each other using Sena’s Bluetooth communication technology. Buy more products on Amazon.

Snowtalk 2 easily fits into the ear pads of most snowboard or ski helmets. The included microphone connects to the device and enables you to communicate with up to a total of four Sena Bluetooth headsets; all without the need for any cell phone/data connections! You can also pair to your phone and take phone calls or just vibe out to your playlists through the wireless speakers.


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